Marie March 26, 2014 BlackBerry Support / Known Issues

If you're using a Blackberry and are experiencing some form of the UberSocial app crashing your device, we apologize for this inconvenience. We are currently investigating why this is happening for some users and not for others and hope to have a fix very soon. Can you please let us know all of the following information, so we can hopefully isolate the issue and get this resolved?

1. Your device and model
2. The Blackberry operating system you're currently running
3. The version of UberSocial you're currently running
4. Your Twitter handle/username
5. Your carrier/phone service provider

Also, can you let us know exactly what happens and at which point the app crashes your phone? For example, when you press the UberSocial icon does your phone crash right away or does the app open briefly and then crash?

And finally, have you downloaded/updated any new apps recently that may be conflicting with UberSocial in some way?

Please submit all of this info here so that we can properly track it.

Thanks for your patience and help in solving this issue.

UberSocial Support Team

PLEASE NOTE: Many users have had success in uninstalling and then re-installing UberSocial. If you've tried this and the rebooting continues for you please let us know at exactly which point this is now happening for you. Send in a ticket here, please.


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