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Do you support BIS-B as a connection method?

posted this on February 02, 2011 17:07

    YES!  In UberSocial, set your network option to 'Auto Network'.  This will try to use BIS-B first and fallback to a corporate server (BES) if you have one configured. 


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Nanda Farhanah
When I want to log in the twitter account from ubersocial and from ubersocial via browser, the request from twitter always take a long time n finally the notification 'No response from Twitter', what should I do?
November 06, 2011 20:15
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December 13, 2012 06:18
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My ubersocial won't work since yesterday... I alredy uninstalled it and installed it again.. When I click on signing in it says "requesting access from twitter" then it changes to "no response from twitter" it has done it for several times. Pls help!! It was working perfectly even though I was on wifi and out of no where it stopped responding :/ HELP ASAP PLS!!!
December 18, 2012 00:30