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Cannot verify my account! I know my username/password are correct!

posted this on February 02, 2011 16:28

    This may be a permissions problem.  Perform the sequence below, then after it reboots, open UberSocial, select 'options' from the menu, then click 'next' and click 'verify account'.
    1. Go to the options icon on your blackberry (small wrench icon)
    2.a. On new devices go to options -> Applications -> UberSocial
    2.b. On older devices go to options -> Advanced Options -> Applications -> UberSocial
    3. Set permissions to 'allow' and save the settings.
    4. Remove and reinsert your battery in order to do a full device reset.
    If this doesn't work, select 'options' from the menu, then select 'network options' and make sure the setting is on AUTO. If it wasn't on AUTO, switch it to AUTO, then save the settings, then select 'options' again from the menu, click 'next' and then click 'verify account'.

    If this doesn't work use 'feedback' from the menu and tell me exactly what the error message says that comes up when clicking 'verify account'. Also tell us if your device is configured on a corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), or if you subscribe to a BlackBerry Internet data plan.



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Tray Carman

it works if you use your email instead of your twitter user name! haha woot woot it works!

February 21, 2011 16:34
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I have my network options for BlackBerry set to auto network or BIS (BlackBerry internet service) and have use Wifi if available checked. Worked for me. Either one actually. And when it loads the browser to sign in, enter full email and password and allow all and enter. it should say uber social will handle the rest and to close the browser. Hit end, and then reopen ubersocial. All this worked for me today before I had even seen this message on here posted. lol ;)


July 02, 2011 13:29
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ra iso log in... :(

July 26, 2012 03:08
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why it says "No respond from the twitter"?

December 02, 2012 07:34
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Knia d.febriyanti

why it say: Authorization error: AuthService ProviderException: HTTP response code: 401 ???? i can't signing in

March 10, 2013 23:22
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Yafar Rodriguez∞

Authorization error: AuthService ProviderException: HTTP response code: 401 :(

March 15, 2013 13:27
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K Kmatshoko
Mine says that my password is not right and wen I retrieve my password using my user name I don't get the email bk from you. And wen I use my email it tells me my user name is incorrect
October 17, 2013 06:13
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