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posted this on September 24, 2012, 4:59 PM

"I recently switched from a blackberry to an iPhone. I am trying to find the go to user button that allows you to view the profile of people you follow. I used this feature a lot on my blackberry. Can you please tell me how to access it using ├╝ber social for I phone?"

We've received this question several times so here's our response:

While we don't have that exact feature on UberSocial for iPhone, we do have a workaround

1. Go to "Search" from the upper left drop-down menu.
2. Tap the silhouette icon on the right of top middle.
3. Begin typing a users name.

I know that is not as simple or ideal as go to user, so our developers are aware of the request. We are continually striving to make the three UberSocial platforms more seamless as we move forward and we thank you for your valuable feedback.

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