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Posting Tweets to FaceBook

posted this on September 07, 2012 13:44

In order to connect your UberSocial to Facebook and have your tweets posted to your FB wall, you'll first need to sign in.  To get started, click the "F" icon on your UberBar or find the Facebook section in your UberSocial Options.  After this, you will be redirected to the Facebook login site where you can type your email and password to sign in.   See below:

Once you click "Log In", you will be taken back to UberSocial when your timeline will be retrieved.  

At this point, you are now ready to post to FB.  Just go to the tweet compose screen and type your tweet, but don't forget to activate the small "f" icon on the task bar above.  When the "f" icon arrow is green, the tweet will post to FB.  When it's left gray, the tweet will only update your Twitter status.




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rajum isna

mthari ud pnas kya na,,,,,

September 09, 2012 21:02
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Wow '' that is mazenig
October 16, 2012 06:19
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When i post a photo, and publish my tweet on Facebook, the Photo don't appear on Facebook nor a link to the photo.

October 28, 2012 09:40
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αя∂у ηαTα ρяα∂ιTια
I Like
December 14, 2012 22:00
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Topo Cruz

es posible que lo que comente en el facebook no salga en el twitter???? sera posible?? el programa te puede dar esa opcion???

December 21, 2012 08:55
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I like it
January 03, 2013 18:54
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intan royyani
Why I can't download this app in my phone?? :(
February 03, 2013 13:10
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Sfiso khumalo
I want to share post on fcebook and tweet via ubersocial
March 01, 2013 15:39
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I laike
March 09, 2013 19:59
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Miles Mogotlhe

i keep getting an error message from facebook every time i try to get to the second step, attached is a munch of the actual message, please assist

April 17, 2013 12:00
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Stephie Rad
I was able to update my facebook status perfectly up until a few days ago. I've checked my options and the "update status to facebook" is definately ticked. And my "F" tab is always highlighted. But it still gives me an error?
April 18, 2013 01:56
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Cannot login on facebook, always error.. Arghhhhh

April 18, 2013 20:59
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Stephie Rad

Still giving me an Error??

April 19, 2013 02:48
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Allan Vincent Nolasco

why everytime i post tweets using this app, when i check my facebook there is a duplicate tweet by twiiter and via ubersocial... :(

May 08, 2013 14:58
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Stephie Rad

@Allan Vincent. That happened to me as well. Go to your Twitter account online. Go to your settings and untick the "Post comments to Facebook".  That should stop the duplication.

May 09, 2013 03:23
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Try wijianti
Like this
September 15, 2013 08:34
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UberSocial-Post to facebook with twitter
April 22, 2014 01:35