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We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.350!

posted this on March 20, 2012 00:49

The upgrade to version 1.350 includes:

  • New, cleaner interface:  All new icons and refreshed theme colors
  • Initial integration of your Facebook newsfeed. View/comment/like posts, pages, profiles, pictures and more!
  • Reformatted trending topics for better readability
  • Fixed automatic refreshes based on email notifications from Twitter
  • Added 'bubble' help to the tweet composer
  • Fixed bug with background images with installable themes getting scrambled on newer devices


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Firdaus Ahmad

one word, AWESOME! i really like the intergration woth facebook. much better than native facebook app for Blackberry. i can like comments too. but the bug about it, when i "like" a comment, i didn't know whether i'm already "like" it or not. because the button "Like" didn't change. supposed to be "unlike" after we like it, isn't it. well, no matter...i'm already lovin' it. thank you ubersocial team!

March 23, 2012 03:25
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avey the prince of love
I can't used this aplication why???always said"no respon from twitter"
March 29, 2012 20:15
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Firdaus Ahmad

try re-install the app...i can use without any problem :)

March 30, 2012 00:08
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Peter Bos

I can't connect to facebook. The following message appears: "Unable to register URL callback filter, error: net.rim.device.api.system. ControlledAccessException". I reinstalled the app, but nothing changed. I have a Bold 9900. Please help to fix this.

April 02, 2012 16:00
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Firdaus Ahmad

whoaaa...this is out of bounds...gotta report this to Ubermedia..i didn't have this kind of problem on my Bold 9700. except the replies/DM i got delayed for 2-3 mins

April 02, 2012 21:07
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i've had the same issue as "Peter Bos": "Unable to register URL callback filter, error: net.rim.device.api.system. ControlledAccessException".

Any info on what's wrong/how to fix it? I've uninstalled/reinstalled Ubersocial twice and nothing... I have the Bold 9930.


April 11, 2012 16:06
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Firdaus Ahmad

i dunno about this. i'm using Bold 9700 and it's working smoothly. report this problem ASAP

April 12, 2012 04:23
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I Love the UberSocial, it's very practical and the fact that you can integrate facebook, is a PLUS!. This app works excellent on my Blackberry Storm 2. I recommend that others would try it out to see how compatible it is with their phone device, As for me, I had no problem using it. For those using the app on the Blackberry Storm 2, to respond to comments and to like a comment and see if your like went through, just bring the menu and scroll through the menu to, 'Add comments, Like a post or even to send msgs,' Worked for me. :)

April 19, 2012 22:09
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tiara delgado lopez

hola como esta quiero tu  mujer la bien todos como

June 24, 2012 22:23
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Hazel De Guia

I cannot access my ubersocial ever since I upgraded it to this new version. I always get a "No response from twitter" answer when I'm logging in. I'm hoping you good give me a good response with this concern. I have been using my ubersocial since I got my Blackberry storm 2. Thank you

June 28, 2012 22:21
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Marceline (๑'⌣'๑)

I always get a NO RESPONSE FROM TWITTER EVER SINCE I UPGRADED UBERSOCIAL. How will fix this? It is very irritating ugh. HELP.

July 01, 2012 04:41
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moahammed alkhathami
July 09, 2012 12:15
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Eid Al-Hrbi

no respon from twitter .......  torch 9800 

July 20, 2012 08:52
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  • aku milikmu
August 15, 2012 15:19
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September 16, 2012 10:33
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