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Updating your UberSocial App

posted this on August 8, 2011, 3:55 PM

It is important that you keep your UberSocial app updated to ensure that it works well for you.

There are multiple ways to update your app. Perhaps the most straightforward of these is to update via the Android Market:

  1. In your phone, open your applications menu
  2. Choose the icon for the Android Market (looks like a shopping bag with the green Android logo on it)
  3. The Market displays three tabs across the top of the screen. Click on the farthest right of these: “Downloads”
  4. If an update to UberSocial is available, UberSocial will be listed here with the text “Update Available”
  5. Click on UberSocial
  6. Along the bottom will be buttons that read “Update” and “Cancel”
  7. Choose “Update”


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