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Mute Users

posted this on May 8, 2011, 7:38 PM

Mute users from your timeline:

  1. Tap the profile image of the person whose tweets you'd like to mute.
  2. This should take you to their profile
  3. Tap the arrow on the top right.
  4. Tap Mute
  5. You'll then be prompted to select the amount of time you'd like them to be muted, and whether you want @mentions and replies to be muted as well
  6. Once you've picked those options, tap "Save"

Manage Muted Users:

  1. Tap the settings tab (gear icon) from the UberBar
  2. Tap Manage Muted Users
    • You can add people here by clicking "Add"  and following the steps above (down the the road, we'll include a friend picker here to select)
    • You'll also be able to view those you currently have or formerly had muted and edit them by tapping the section with their name
    • You can remove people from mute by tapping Edit> tapping the red dot > "delete" > Done
  3. Tap Finished when you're....finished

Happy Tweeting!

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